Revolutionizing Real Estate Business with Entrustech

Real Estate Agent, Realtor Shweta Patil

Executive Summary

This case study illustrates the digital transformation journey of Shweta Patil, a renowned real estate agent, through the establishment of her website With Entrustech’s expertise, Shweta successfully overcame her online visibility challenges to create a user-friendly, aesthetic, and functional WordPress website, bolstering her brand identity and enhancing her customer reach.

Customer Challenges

Shweta Patil had a thriving real estate business but struggled with extending her reach to the online world. She needed an intuitive, easy-to-navigate website that could effectively showcase her property listings. Furthermore, she needed a professional logo that resonated with her brand and a robust social media presence to engage with potential customers. However, the lack of technical expertise stood as a hurdle in realizing these needs.

Journey to Discovery

During her search for a reliable digital partner, Shweta discovered Entrustech. What caught her attention was Entrustech’s impressive portfolio of customized WordPress websites and their comprehensive digital solutions. She was particularly drawn to Entrustech’s commitment to align solutions with her business goals – a philosophy that mirrored her own customer-centric approach.

The Solution

Entrustech began by understanding Shweta’s brand, her client base, and her business needs. The team then used WordPress, a versatile platform, to create a bespoke website tailored to Shweta’s requirements.

One key focus was the creation of a unique and memorable logo. Entrustech’s graphic design team worked collaboratively with Shweta, resulting in a logo that perfectly echoed her professional identity.

For the website, a user-friendly WordPress theme was customized. This involved intuitive navigation for easy access to property listings, seamless contact forms for customer inquiries, and integration of high-quality images and virtual tours of the properties.

To further extend Shweta’s online presence, Entrustech also incorporated plugins for connecting the website to her social media accounts. This would enable seamless content sharing and interaction with her social media audience.


The Entrustech team, working closely with Shweta, ensured a smooth implementation. They provided Shweta and her team with comprehensive training on managing and updating the website, including adding new property listings and managing inquiries.

The social media management included setting up professional profiles across platforms, developing a content strategy, and training Shweta’s team on managing these accounts effectively.


The results were impressive. Within just three months of the website launch, Shweta’s online inquiries increased by 80%, and her social media following grew by 50%. Her unique and professional logo, coupled with an aesthetic and functional website, enhanced her brand identity, leading to a 60% increase in customer engagement.


Shweta Patil’s journey from facing the challenges of online visibility to celebrating the success of her new digital platform underscores the value of choosing the right technology partner. Entrustech’s proficiency in WordPress and their commitment to tailored solutions empowered Shweta to transition her successful offline presence into a thriving online platform.

If you want to establish or enhance your online presence, Entrustech is here to make your digital transformation journey seamless and successful. Your journey toward online success starts with us. Get in touch today!

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