Garuda’s Transformation Journey with Entrustech

Establishing a Thriving E-commerce Presence Case Study

Executive Summary

This case study outlines the journey of Garuda, a prominent player in the perfume and fragrance industry, in setting up their e-commerce website Facing numerous challenges in the online retail world, Garuda found the ideal solution with Entrustech. Their partnership led to a robust e-commerce solution powered by Shopify, enhancing Garuda’s online presence, boosting customer engagement, and accelerating sales.

Customer Challenges

Garuda, with its rich legacy in the perfume industry, aimed to expand its customer base by venturing into the online retail sector. However, they faced several challenges. Firstly, they lacked the technical expertise to build an e-commerce platform. Secondly, they grappled with the issue of creating a website that reflected their brand ethos and offered an engaging and seamless shopping experience. Lastly, they needed a robust payment system to ensure safe and secure transactions.

Journey to Discovery

As Garuda began seeking the right partner for their e-commerce project, they discovered Entrustech, a leading provider of e-commerce solutions. Entrustech’s track record of successful e-commerce projects, combined with their deep expertise in the Shopify platform, resonated with Garuda’s vision. The moment of discovery was when they realized Entrustech’s commitment to customizing solutions to meet specific customer requirements – a philosophy that aligned perfectly with Garuda’s bespoke approach to fragrances.

The Solution

Entrustech, leveraging their expertise with Shopify, designed an e-commerce platform tailored to Garuda’s needs. The design began with selecting and customizing a Shopify theme that embodied Garuda’s luxurious and unique brand image. The customization extended to creating intuitive navigation and search options, allowing customers to browse and find their desired fragrances easily.

Next, they established a secure and user-friendly payment system, crucial for the trust of online customers. Shopify’s built-in payment gateway was customized to handle multiple currencies, enabling Garuda to reach global customers.

Additionally, various features like product reviews, ratings, and detailed product descriptions were added to enrich the customer shopping experience.


The meticulous planning was followed by a smooth implementation phase. The Entrustech team worked closely with Garuda’s staff, ensuring a seamless transition to the new platform. Regular testing was performed at each stage to ensure optimal functionality and user experience. The team also provided comprehensive training to Garuda’s staff, enabling them to manage the platform effectively.

Expanding Market Reach: Integrating with Multiple Marketplaces

Understanding the necessity to broaden Garuda’s reach, another critical requirement was the integration of their website with various prominent marketplaces like Walmart, eBay, and Wanelo. This cross-platform presence not only meant increased visibility but also a higher potential for sales.

Entrustech, equipped with a team of seasoned developers and strategic planners, formulated a bespoke plan to fulfill this requirement. Recognizing that each marketplace operates differently and requires specific integration strategies, they adopted a tailored approach.

For Walmart and eBay, both leading and widely recognized platforms, Entrustech set up robust integrations, allowing Garuda to seamlessly list their products, manage orders, and handle customer inquiries from within their Shopify site. They used Walmart and eBay’s APIs, creating custom integration scripts to facilitate a seamless flow of product and sales information.

Wanelo, a unique social shopping marketplace, needed a slightly different strategy. Entrustech used Wanelo’s unique API and Shopify’s powerful integration tools to connect the Garuda site with this platform. This allowed Garuda’s products to be a part of the social shopping experience that Wanelo offers, boosting their brand’s social engagement.

These integrations automated a large part of Garuda’s cross-platform operations, allowing them to manage everything centrally from their Shopify site. This strategic move led to significant time savings and improved efficiency for Garuda. Additionally, it facilitated wider exposure of their products, reaching millions of potential customers across these platforms.

This exercise is yet another testament to Entrustech’s flexible and innovative solutions that cater to unique client requirements, helping them achieve their growth and expansion objectives.


The transformation was astounding. Within just six months of the website launch, Garuda’s online sales increased by 70%. The seamless user experience led to a 30% decrease in cart abandonment rates, while the customer base grew by 40%, with increased international sales thanks to the multicurrency payment option.


Garuda’s journey from facing the challenges of e-commerce setup to celebrating the successes of their new online platform is a testament to the value of partnering with the right technology provider. Entrustech’s proficiency in Shopify and their commitment to tailored solutions enabled Garuda to translate their rich perfume legacy into a successful online presence.

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