Welcome to our vibrant Referrals Program at Entrustech Inc. a Recruiting & Staffing company! We believe in the power of connections and the incredible talent that exists within your network. We’re excited to offer you an opportunity to not only help your friends and acquaintances find their dream jobs, but also to earn fantastic rewards for yourself. Join us in this journey to create a thriving professional community and experience the satisfaction of making a real difference in people’s lives. Let’s grow together!

Referrals are a great way to grow and help your network grow at the same time.

Referrals serve as a fantastic avenue for expanding your connections while simultaneously fostering growth within your network too!

Refer a brilliant candidate to our attention for any of our available job openings, and if we successfully place your recommended talent within a 3-month window from the referral date, a spectacular $500 bonus is coming your way as a token of our gratitude.

Contract Hire Referrals

When your referral lands a fantastic contract position with our esteemed client:

A grand total of $500 will be disbursed to you after 3 action-packed months of your referral’s full-time dedication;

Celebrate your referral bonus.

Start referring top performers from you past jobs!

Direct Hire Referrals

Get ready to receive the fantastic sum of $500 within just 5 business days once we obtain the direct hire fee from our valued client!

Just ensure that your referral remains employed beyond the typical guarantee period (usually 90 days), and the reward is all yours!

Direct Client Referral Program

Introduce us to a brand-new Client (someone with the power to hire) and watch the rewards roll in! For each successful placement we secure with this Client over the next 2 exhilarating years, you’ll be gifted a $500 bonus! Payment will be determined based on the position type, as outlined above.

Eager to refer? Send your referrals to:

Entrustech Client Referral Program

“Referrals are the invisible threads that weave a strong, vibrant network, connecting one person’s success to another’s opportunity..”

— Gaurav (Entrustech Inc.)