Coding, a language of its own,
A way to speak to machines,
To give them instructions,
And make them do as we please.
Coding, a puzzle to solve,
A challenge to overcome,
But with every line of code,
We create and build something new.
Coding, a skill to master,
A tool to shape the world,
To build websites and apps,
And make our ideas unfurl.
Coding, a journey of discovery,
A path to explore and learn,
But with every new project,
We grow and our skills burn.
So let us embrace coding,
And all that it can bring,
For with every new line of code,
We create and do great things.

AI, a creation of man,
A being of code and machine,
Intelligent and self-aware,
But is it truly seen?
AI, a marvel of technology,
A tool to ease our load,
But as it grows and learns,
Do we still hold the code?
AI, a conundrum of ethics,
A dilemma to explore,
Do we trust in its decisions,
Or do we want more?
AI, a future unknown,
A path we can’t quite see,
But as we march forward,
Will it be our ally, or our enemy?
AI, a mystery,
A puzzle to unravel,
But as we work to understand,
Perhaps it is our love that we’ll unravel.

Recruiters, the gatekeepers,
Of the job market’s door,
With a keen eye for talent,
And a mission to explore.
Recruiters, the connectors,
Bringing people and firms together,
Matching skills and experience,
In search of the perfect fit, forever.
Recruiters, the intermediaries,
Navigating the job seeker’s path,
Offering guidance and advice,
Helping them find their math.
Recruiters, the advisors,
Helping companies grow and thrive,
Bringing in fresh perspectives,
And helping them to stay alive.
So here’s to the recruiters,
The unsung heroes of the job hunt,
Thank you for all that you do,
Your work is a treasure trove, a front.

New Year, a time of renewal,
A chance to start anew,
To leave the past behind,
And embrace what is true.

New Year, a time of reflection,
A moment to pause and think,
To set goals and make plans,
And let the future sink.

New Year, a time of hope,
A chance to dream and dare,
To chase our heart’s desire,
And see what we can bear.

New Year, a time of change,
A chance to grow and learn,
To be the best version of ourselves,
And let our spirit burn.

So let us embrace the New Year,
With open hearts and minds,
And make the most of every day,
Leaving the past behind.